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Ag Pass Virtual workshop

Virtual Workshop: Ag/Livestock Pass Disaster Access Program Development and Successes January 18, 2023 1:30-3:30pm Objective: Workshop will provide participants with an overview of the Ag/Livestock Pass program. After a general introduction, workshop will address details of how to set up a functioning program, discuss common challenges, describe considerations for harmonizing existing programs with new state legislation (AB 1103), provide case studies of successful efforts across California, and leave ample time for a question-and-answer period. Target audience is County Board of Supervisors, Agricultural Commissioner’s Offices, County Sheriff Departments, Offices of Emergency Services, and other state and local agencies. Speakers: Dave Daley, Butte County livestock producer Buzz Landon, Butte County beekeeper Tracy Schohr, UC Cooperative Extension Livestock & Natural Resource Advisor Matthew Shapero, UC Cooperative Extension Livestock & Range advisor Grace Woodmansee, UC Cooperative Extension Livestock & Natural Resource Advisor Anthony Stornetta, Santa Barbara County Fire Battalion Chief / CCA Fire Sub-committee Chair Katharine Quist, Butte County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office Julie Powell, Sargent, California Highway Patrol (invited) For more information, contact Matthew Shapero,, 805-645-1475 To register: This workshop will be offered live and will not be recorded for later viewing