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Free Fire Prevention Work - Your Participation Needed!

We all know how destructive wildfires have been in our county in the past few years. As wine growers, we also know how devastating smoke from wildfires can be to our crops. The good news is that local Fire Safe Councils are banding together and getting grant money to begin the gigantic task of reducing potentially hazardous vegetation in parts of El Dorado County. In the Fair Play area, the first stages of grant work is underway for the South County Fuels Reduction Project. This project hopes to clear hazardous brush and trees along portions of Mt. Aukum, Omo Ranch, Slug Gulch, and Fair Play roads. If you have a parcel along one of these roads, you may have received information about this project in the mail. Please, Please, Please consider participating! Right now, the project managers have only received approximately 25% of the responses that they hoped to get. If the project does not get more participation, no new projects will be planned and this one will not be effective. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns to fellow wine grower, Elizabeth Standeven, at 530-417-6201. Even better, if you live in the project areas, please consider talking with neighbors to encourage their participation. See attached maps for project areas and invited parcels.