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Grower News and Alerts

Biochar from Fire Prevention Work

Greg Stanton, Deputy Director of Environmental Management of El Dorado County, recently contacted EDWGGA about the possibility of generating biochar through the forestry fuels reduction efforts that are being contemplated (see notice above). He is seeking the level of county agriculture’s interest in using this soil amendment. Like the compost program that is likely ramping up, this could be a potentially valuable soil amendment for growers. Greg will be keeping EDWGGA in the loop as the potential program develops.

Protecting our Pollinators

The bees are out and hungry after our long, cold winter and spring. It's important to protect our precious pollinators by providing nutritious sources of pollen and being aware of your spray techniques and timing. Are your spray nozzles calibrated correctly? Did you check your irrigation system and emitters for uniformity of volume throughout the system and proper placement of the drip during application? By whichever method, it is important to avoid puddles of product which may attract pollinators and follow bee friendly guidelines.

Link to El Dorado County’s Pesticide Monitoring Program

The El Dorado County Department of Agriculture conducts the Pesticide Use Enforcement and Monitoring Program in cooperation with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Pesticide use is monitored to protect public health, the environment and to ensure worker safety. Department staff enforces state regulations, issue use permits, compile use data, perform outreach with the public and investigate complaints. This link will take you to contacts, forms and various links related to pesticide use and helpful information to keep you in compliance and safe.

Ranch Marketing Ordinance

Ranch Marketing & Winery Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee Public Workshop January 17th, 2023 2:00pm - 5:00pm When? Board of Supervisors Chamber 330 Fair Ln, Placerville, CA 95667 Where? What? Supervisors Lori Parlin (District 4) & Wendy Thomas (District 3) are the Board of Supervisor representatives on the Ad Hoc Committee and will be presenting the proposed amendments to the Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinances and explaining the process for the Ordinance updates, including how to submit public comments. The proposed amendments will touch on issues such as number and size of events, zoning